Quick Start Guide To Make Money Online

Quick Start Guide To Make Money Online

My Easy, 4 Step, Quick Start Guide To Make Money Online: I frequently hear the question asked of me, “What is the simplest way to make money online?”

There is a simple formula that all the successful sites use. It involves common sense about what any business is about. First, however, remember this:

Obviously, the Internet offers you the entire world as a market for your products or services. You can’t ask for a better way to make your personal dreams come true. If some tell you differently, keep your goal in sight. The success you will experience will be sweeter than cotton candy!

Unfortunately, the web is awash with get rich quick schemes that throw up smoke screens and lead people astray with shell games of deceit. These people give me the shivers like ice water dumped over my head. How many people’s dreams have they shattered? Success will involve some work and dedication on your part. If you haven’t reached your goals online yet, it is not your fault.

Sadly, many sources on the internet try to make success online look like rocket science It is not complicated. The simple process I will mention below involves common sense and works for all successful sites.

If all the misleading noise on the internet about online business has left you confused and afraid, don’t panic. Take a deep breath, smell the roses and relax. We will gladly take aim at all the hogwash out there and point out a clear path for you to follow.

FACT: The internet is all about information. People go online to find a solution to a problem whether they are looking for a cheese sauce recipe for supper or the best airplane motor oil to use in the high Arctic.

The most successful sites offer what people are looking for. Free information.

This short story happens literally millions of times a day. It will show you how the 4 step, content, traffic, presell and monetization internet business model works.

The Easy, 4 Step, Quick Start Guide To Make Money Online:

Elaine in Baltimore is looking for some cute new outfits for her little Chihuahua named Snuggles. She goes to her favorite search engine and enters the term “Chihuahua clothes”. There are many fine sites that cater to that market and the search engines are very good at delivering the top sites to her screen.

Any site on any subject will have loads of free content related to the search terms used. In this case, there will be sections on Chihuahua health, grooming, training and, of course, cute outfits.

This is the content part of the equation. You’ve been to sites where you get the willies the minute it appears on your screen. Everything is for sale, discount on this and that and so on. It makes you scramble for the back button, doesn’t it?

Any good site is an authority site. First, it gives out loads of free information and gently eases its visitors into a buying position.

The search engines are very good at judging sites and this is where you want to focus most of your attention when you start. You will get punished for being nothing but a sales site. You will be richly rewarded with free traffic if you are there to legitimately help your visitors.

This is the traffic part of the equation. If nobody goes to your make money online business, you won’t make any money.

Elaine is amazed by all the free information she is getting from the site. If it has anything to do with Chihuahuas, it has a section on it. Bear in mind that this simple concept applies whether you want to build a website on rose bushes or bulldozers. Information is king.

She loves the site, the clothes selection is excellent and they offer a secure payment portal. She bookmarks the site and prepares to leave.

Here is something that Google research has learned. The average visitor to a website has to return 7 times to the site before they buy. People just don’t trust.

The website Elaine has visited has given her tons of free, high quality, related content. It has been rewarded by being on the first page of the search engine results page bringing it a lot of free traffic. Elaine has learned that this is a great place for her to come for everything Chihuahua.

This is called preselling. Remember the 7 visit discovery that Google made? As she is about to leave, she is offered a free eBook or video if she is willing to leave her email address to receive their weekly newsletter.

She likes what they offer and signs up. She has just given the website access to her inbox. They don’t have to try to get her to come back many times before she buys. They have permission to visit her regularly through to her email!

This situation is pure gold. It is the fourth part of the process called monetization. They send her helpful tips on how to take the best care of her Chihuahua, new research on dog nutrition and so on. In no time, she is sold on the idea that these people can be trusted and she starts buying. This leads to a long term, happy relationship for both sides. This extremely effective process is called email marketing.

This is the most critical part of the 4 part process.

The content, traffic, presell and monetization model has been proven many times. Properly followed, it will lead to years of successful make money online business for you

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